Elizabeth Pritchard of Integrow Consulting, Finalist for North Wales Young Business Awards: Freelance Business of the Year, 2019.



Elizabeth Pritchard, owner of Integrow Consulting is a finalist for the North Wales Young Business Awards for Freelance Business of the Year. The award is an annual event to celebrate success. “In North Wales, there aren’t many award ceremonies to recognise the hard work that people have gone to, to set up their own business. Being a business owner requires dedication, planning, drive and ambition. It’s about time that local businesses get the recognition they deserve”, (Poppy Johnson, North Wales Young Business Award). 

Elizabeth Pritchard started Integrow Consulting in Feb 2019 in Flintshire, North Wales. Originally from Anglesey, she moved to Flintshire in 2015 having worked in various business roles since graduating. She, always gravitated towards bringing improvements to every business she worked in. Dedicated to get into management consulting, she made it a mission to go after her dream of becoming a management consultant. After months of research, networking and studying the industry, Elizabeth decided to become a Freelance Business Consultant, utilising her wide range of business skills, capabilities and qualifications to bring about meaningful change to business owners. After partnering with Bill Pearson, of Pearson Management Consultants, Elizabeth acquired the encouragement she needed to pursue a career in the field of change management. 

She now works as an associate for Pearson Management Consultants, doing business development and consulting and being mentored by the Director, Bill Pearson. Alongside, she works with other independent consultants in similar fields on collaborative projects. Other consultants may work in the fields of business growth, change management, strategy, sales & marketing and training. “I am over the moon that I am a finalist for the Freelance Business of the Year award. 

“I have worked really hard on setting up and running my business this year. I became creative and made it happen, against quite high odds, with a lot of help and encouragement from Bill Pearson. Since starting, I have gained a great deal of hands on consulting experience, a consulting qualification, and am building a great network, work on a lot of business development activities and have been interviewed on two radio stations in North Wales. I have worked successfully with other consultants on a collaborative basis. All of this, and more, involved working outside of my comfort zone but it is far more rewarding and exciting than any other role I have had before and I am really enjoying this journey. 

My five year plan is to continue to work as an associate for PMC, building up more and more experience that I can transfer to clients. In addition, I plan to grow my pool of independent consultants to a point where I am working collaboratively with consultants all around the UK on exciting consulting projects”. 

Bill is chuffed too, “I knew within the first few minutes of our first meeting that she had it within her. Liz has responded well to lots of challenges and the feedback from everyone is the same; professional, enthusiastic, fun, hard-working, determined; all great characteristics for her chosen journey. I’m enjoying it too ! Terrific news and fingers crossed.” 

Chamber of Commerce news article, August 2019.