What I Do & How

Business Consultancy

I am a freelance business consultant, helping business owners to meet their desired goal, whatever that may be. I have developed and implemented business/marketing strategy, budgets, assisted with business development, social media management and more. 

I also work as an associate for Pearson Management Consultants on more specific change management and performance improvement projects, directed and led by Bill Pearson (MD).

Associate Work

As an associate of Pearson Management Consultants, we provide owners of small and medium size businesses with top quality and affordable consulting support that provides quick pay-back and cash generation. Bill Pearson oversees and directs all engagements, bringing to bear his extensive knowledge and experience, while I provide the bulk of the effort on the ground. 

Pearson Management Consultants: How do we help to grow a business?
- Assess and improve productivity, customer service and opportunities 
- Identify and address strengths, weaknesses and risks
- Recommend what and how to achieve your desired goal    
- Support owners and managers with implementing steps to achieve the goal  
- Transfer skills and experience so we can move on and help others

I also use my current skill and experience to work with other independent consultant in similar fields, who are either at full capacity or require assistance with any consulting project work. I am particularly interested in meeting those in the field of; Change Management Consulting, Organisational Development, Training, Business/Marketing Strategy.

Change Management Consulting

Working on numerous projects centred around growth, change and performance improvement. Work involved visiting client’s sites, interviewing owners and key members of staff, analysing businesses, conducting research and SWOT analysis, recommend areas for improvement and help management implement such changes.  

  • Meeting with clients regularly to review client’s current business procedures and operations, clarifying business needs and wants for the future 
  • Producing and pitching consulting proposals based on my analysis and recommendations for improvement 
  • Interviewing key members of staff, obtaining in depth knowledge of the business 
  • Conducting research, project updates, project preparation documentation 
  • Creating consultative report, including recommendations on areas for improvement 
  • Assisting management in implementing the changes in various ways 
  • Successfully identified critical issues, strengths, opportunities and business operational insight to deliver accurate business analysis report and feedback. 

Marketing Consulting 

  • Creating business and marketing strategy and budget for the business to raise brand awareness and gain leads for courses 
  • Working closely with MD &FD on marketing initiatives – e.g. budget sign off, approval etc 
  • Developing, managing and implementing marketing campaigns through industry platforms, (both digital and printed) e.g. industry magazines, newsletters with tens of thousands of subscribers 
  • Liaising with graphic designer, internal teams and 3rd parties regularly on projects and initiatives 
  • Developed and helped manage the shooting and advertisement of promotional videos for the business (I also starred in videos)
  • Working with graphic designer to produce appropriate marketing material for digital and non digital 
  • Compiling and reporting on competitor analysis
  • Liaising heavily with internal and external stakeholders regarding any marketing/operational activities

Digital Marketing/Social Media Management Consulting 

  • Digital marketing (social media management). Responsible for managing the social media accounts for the business (creating engaging, creative, innovative content and managing the regular scheduled posts including posting, engagement with the public, analysis etc 
  • Liaising heavily with internal teams and 3rd parties regarding news, content, posts, campaigns etc 
  • Develop interesting and captivating content for use on various social channels, website and blogs
  • Identify new ways to drive traffic to company website and social media pages 
  • Website management – updating business pages: updating pages including partnership pages, blogs, home page imagery, text etc

Business Development Consulting 

  • Developing relationships with prospective clients of my own, ultimately turning them into clients  
  • Devising and implementing business/marketing strategy including; 
  • Building relationships with 3rd parties for various businesses with the aim of fostering lasting relationships 
  • Developing partnership opportunities to help expand the business 
  • Attending various networking events
  • Carrying out research on attendance at industry conferences, webinars, exhibitions and events
  • Following up new business opportunities and setting up meetings
  • Planning and preparing presentations
  • Overseeing the development of marketing literature
  • Writing reports
  • Providing management with feedback