What I've Done

Commissioned by various businesses and consultants, I help SME owners to achieve their desired business goal. Having worked across a number of different sectors, I have gained valuable experience in client management, business and marketing strategy, change management, performance improvement, training and more. During all of the client projects that I have undertaken, I have built up excellent consulting skills. I have completed various competitor and business analysis reports, including but not limited to; identifying critical issues, strengths, opportunities, business operational insight, challenges and suggested areas for improvement. In all cases, I have utilised my interviewing, analysis, interpersonal, communication, reporting, research, negotiation, problem solving, persuasion and influential skills. 


  • Practitioner in MSP (Managing Successful Programmes), (2019)
  • MSc in International Business Strategy, (2017) 
  • BA Hons degree in Advertising & Brand Management, (2011)

Case History: Industry Specifics 

Retail & Tourism 

Objective: To assist the business in identifying areas for improvement and implementing changes to help increase the gross profit margin of the food retailer section of the business. 

Actions undertaken: 

  • Interviewed key members of staff, obtaining feedback regarding business operations and other challenges 
  • Observed operational practices 
  • Created a consulting report, detailing the feedback, observations as well as suggested areas for improvement 
  • Helped implement some of the proposed changes over a period of three months (action reporting/chasing and project management) 

Outcome: Increased operational efficiency and gross profit margin. Standards increased, there was a good change in staff mentality and behaviour, increased overall operational efficiency, resulting in an increased gross margin from 45% to 66.6% in three months and is still growing. 

Performance Training 

Objective: To complete a collaborative training programme for a media company in Manchester. I was hired to design and create a training briefing pack and training material and be the sole presenter in the resulting x 4 internal training videos. I was also tasked with creating an internal survey for the team members, to be completed prior to the training sessions.

Actions undertaken: 

  • Worked collaboratively with the training consultant to understand the brief and scope of the project 
  • Designed and created the training briefing pack (presentation) for x 20 members of the senior management team
  • Worked collaboratively with the training consultant to brain storm and identify solutions to any challenges
  • Solely starred in the x 4 subsequent training videos (which were circulated to the team prior to the workshop)
  • Designed and created internal survey to test “pre-knowledge” prior to the training workshop

Outcome: The client and training consultant were both pleased with the result, with the training consultant giving me a direct testimonial about my efforts and work throughout the project. See “testimonials” page for more information. 


Objective: To develop, create and implement a business strategy including specific process foundations and structures to implement, to give effective and efficient results, further enabling them to achieve successful growth.   

Actions to be undertaken: Developing appropriate business & marketing plan for the business   

  • Developing team capabilities; identify training needs, career path plan etc 
  • Systemising and standardizing processes and procedures to run the consultancy effectively
  • Guidance and Support for the current team members (acting recruitment manager)
  • Helping to identify and source suitable internal candidates for the growth of the business e.g. Recruitment Manager and Consultants

Outcome: Delivered a comprehensive business strategy and budget for the business  


Objective: Working with another consultant to develop an Operating model that allows the business to grow efficiently 

Actions undertaken: 

  • To understand the role of each member of the team and the barriers to efficient and effective performance 
  • To develop standard operating procedures (SoPs) for key processes 
  • To support the review of systems to support more effective processing solutions and workflow 
  • To lead the process reviews to document the current processes across 

Outcome: Delivered and completed the work on time to a good standard.  

Water Sector Training 

Objective: To help the business grow it’s brand awareness, audience and marketing efforts to secure leads.  

Actions undertaken:

  • Creating marketing strategy and budget for the business to raise brand awareness and gain leads for courses 
  • Digital marketing (social media management). Responsible for managing the social media accounts for the business (creating engaging, creative, innovative content and managing the regular scheduled posts including posting, engagement with the public, analysis etc  
  • Designing and creating graphic designs for online and physical marketing material
  • Liaise with internal and external stakeholders regarding any marketing/operational activities
  • Liaising heavily with internal teams and 3rd parties  
  • Develop interesting and captivating content for use on various social channels, website and blogs
  • Identify new ways to drive traffic to company website and social media sit

Outcome: Increased online brand awareness (increased social media activities, followers and engagement from audience), increased marketing plans, activities and material for the future. Client has expressed gratitude for my work, highlighting that I am a “valued member of the team” (ongoing)



Objective: Asked to assist a leading consultant on a large transformation project for a client, improving manufacturing excellence across the whole business (9,000+ staff) 


Actions undertaken:

Acted as Executive Assistant to and group of Directors for the manufacturing business. 

  • I supported 18-20 group directors and 1 group board member. Duties included assistance in arranging meetings, minute taking in the monthly meetings (on site), including recording any and all “actions” and topics “agreed” and creating action logs and full-length minutes to be circulated post meeting. 
  • Working with the lead consultant with any ad hoc tasks related to the project – e.g. analysis, preparation, research etc

Outcome: Lead consultant was pleased with my work and reiterated that he wouldn’t hesitate to contact me again, if assistance is required on the project. Client outcome ongoing but pleased with results so far.   


Key Accomplishments


Management consulting

I have been recognised by North Wales Young Business Awards 2019 as a finalist for the category of Freelance Business of the Year which is a FANTASTIC accomplishment for me and my business. Determined to get into Management Consulting industry but having little experience in the field, I persisted for months, thinking of creative ways in. It involved fearlessness, creativeness and persistence. After many unsuccessful attempts, I eventually came across an experienced Change Manager and Growth Coach, who was willing to mentor me and help me enter into consulting. My mentor has fed me consulting projects, broadening my experience in the field as well as putting me through the MSP qualification which is valuable in the filed of change management. I now work as an associate for Pearson Management Consultants as well as assisting other independent consultants and I have some great consulting achievements (detailed in my case history) which I personally, value a lot.

Broadcasting & Business Development

As part of my business development for Pearson Management Consultants and Integrow Consulting, I managed to get on the radio twice. Once for sound radio ales (above) and another on Deeside Radio in August 2019. Both sessions were thoroughly enjoyable and something I had never done before. 

Other accomplishments of mine include:

  • Obtaining my qualifications (including a Masters degree from Sweden)
  • Starting x 2 businesses of my own 
  • Developed fruitful business relationships through networking and self promotion
  • Designing and creating my own website 
  • Successfully created marketing material which has been distributed to businesses 
  • Worked in the outback in Australia 
  • Traveled to many countries