You might be wondering...

Why a Consultant
& Why Me?

Why use a consultant and why me?

You might be wondering why people use a Consultant in the first place? 

Consultants provide business owners with value in the form of; 

  • A new perspective
  • A sounding board for your current performance, ideas and plans 
  • Help to identify risks, weaknesses, strengths and opportunities
  • Focused advice and assistance with sustaining and improving your business
  • Exposure to new skills
  • Extra hands to accomplish short or long term goals  
  • Provide you with a roadmap on how to get what you want


I listen to what you want
I am determined to deliver results

To get the best result for you, I make it my mission to engage with you properly and listen to exactly what you want. I can then successfully deliver the value you desire.
I am also extremely hard working and I strive to deliver the best possible results for my clients.

Education, Knowledge & Experience

With years of business experience, an MSc in International Business Strategy, a BA Hons degree in Advertising & Brand Management and being a Practitioner in Managing Successful Programmes, I have a wide range of skills and capabilities within the area of business, enabling me to provide valuable results for clients. 

My energetic and enthusiastic personality

Time and time again, I have been told that I give off a very energetic, enthusiastic and positive energy. These personal traits are part of the value I provide to clients, by connecting with them, understanding their needs and building a great consultant/client relationship.

Helping you achieve maximum profitability

Being mentored by an very experienced Change Management Consultant means I have access to the skills and expertise that will enable your business to reach maximum profitability and efficiency.

Giving SMEs access to highly skilled consulting expertise at an affordable rate

I can appreciate that many small and medium size businesses can be conscious of their spending. By bringing myself on board, clients get access to highly skilled consulting expertise at more of an affordable rate, in return for business growth and increased profit.


Originally from Anglesey, North Wales, I speak both English and Welsh. This has proven to be very useful in supporting the North Wales market.